• Our top priority is the Gulf. I will not be diverted away from that. We will spend what it takes to make it right.

  • We have made progress on the oil spill. But our job is far from done. We will continue working for as long as it takes to clean it up.

  • I want to be very clear: BP will pay all legitimate claims. This has been our commitment from the start.

  • We are sparing no effort to bring the well under control. I am hugely grateful to the team from BP, industry and US Government

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  • 400

    The minimum number of species threatened by the oil spill.


    Number of estimated square miles of oil slick.


    Square miles of federal fishing area in the Gulf that has closed because of the slick.

    25 million

    Number of birds that crisscross the Gulf Coast each day, and could be at risk from the oil spill.

    1.6 billion

    Economic activity at risk because of the oil spill.

    163 billion

    BP profits from 2001 to 2009.

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